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Preparing All Youth for Education & Career Decision Making: The Promise of Individualized Learning Plans

Are the middle and high school age youth that you know prepared to make sound decisions about their education and career pathways? In other words, Are they able to identify their own career interests, skills, and work values? Are they … Continue reading

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Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month: Hamza’s Story

NCWD/Youth is celebrating Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month all throughout March. Part of that celebration is sharing real stories from people in our community, people who are proud and successful in large part because of their disabilities, not in spite of … Continue reading

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NCWD/Youth is Spreading the Word to End the Word

At different points throughout history, various slurs and other forms of hate speech against disenfranchised groups were regarded as commonplace, acceptable language. As more of these groups made headway towards the achievement of equal rights, the slurs began to slow … Continue reading

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Families as Partners not Problems: Working Together for Youth Success

“They always go back to the family” employment specialist, Rapid City, South Dakota During a recent “family engagement” training in South Dakota, I was struck by the comment above shared by an employment specialist participating in the training.  This statement … Continue reading

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