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  1. pfradiano says:

    Hi Lydia, nice to read your words. I agree 100% with everything you wrote.

    I am Portuguese, living in Malaysia by the time i am writing this comment. I am 40 now, but in 1998 i was seriously injured in a construction accident. I slept for 1 year in a hospital bed, paralyzed from knee down in my right leg and with levels of pain that could lead to insanity…365 days Lydia.

    I was told i would never walk properly again. My mother got a shock and slimmed down to 38Kgs…not a nice thing to see when you love someone.

    To cut the story short, today i run, i walk perfectly, girls love me and i run my own home business.

    Why am i writing this comment…because i know the feeling, ( although temporarily) of being disable and feel “placed aside” by society. I barely walked, i couldn’t have social life due to pain, i looked weird, i lost my self confidence, i couldn’t work as i use to…not an easy season for me.

    And i was young, i was 26 only. The question is…are we prepared, or does society prepare us, to face such a mental challenge at such young age? I don’t think so! And education systems keep insisting on old layouts and investing ZERO on personal growth and the science of personal achievement. And this is crucial to face any level of challenge in life…mostly when you suffer any kind of disability that makes you “different” at society eyes.

    I run a work from home blog here in Malaysia and i wrote a short article dedicated to youth entitled Entrepreneurship For Youth, where i focus on the “Entrepreneurship For Youth Blueprint”, vital pillars to be able to succeed on many levels in life. It’s short, but touches some crucial points.

    I honestly believe that self empowerment and investing in the Science of Personal Achievement for youth, especially if the face unique physical and mental challenges it’s a must in order to give them better chances in life.

    Thank you for your work.

    Paulo Fradiano
    Work From Home Malaysia Blog Founder

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