Guideposts for Success: Family Involvement & Supports

Family Involvement & Supports

All youth need parents, families and other caring adults who:

  • Have high expectations which build upon the young person’s strengths, interests, and needs and fosters their ability to achieve independence and self-sufficiency;
  • Are involved in their lives and assisting them toward adulthood;
  • Have access to information about employment, further education, and community resources;
  • Take an active role in transition planning with schools and community partners; and
  • Have access to medical, professional, and peer support networks.

In addition, youth with disabilities need parents, families and other caring adults who:

  • Have an understanding of their youth’s disability and how it affects his or her education, employment, and/or daily living options;
  • Have knowledge of rights and responsibilities under various disability-related legislation;
  • Have knowledge of and access to programs, services, supports, and accommodations available for young people with disabilities; and
  • Have an understanding of how individualized planning tools can assist youth in achieving transition goals and objectives.

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