High School/High Tech (HS/HT)

“Entering the 2007-2008 school year, we have two classes with a total of 24 students who are looking forward to all the neat activities that their peers experienced last term. It is my belief that the High School/High Tech (HS/HT) program is a huge asset to our kids. The ‘lessons’ that are learned through the experiences and activities offered are much more meaningful than anything these kids can get from a textbook!”

–Mike Turner, ESE Career Preparation Teacher and Career Placement Coordinator at Leesburg High School, Florida

Why High School/High Tech (HS/HT)?

Why HS/HT? Image is 4 pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.High School/High Tech (HS/HT) is a national network of state and locally operated programs designed to provide young people with all types of disabilities the opportunity to explore jobs or further education leading to technology-related careers.

As one of the most promising comprehensive models for preparing youth with disabilities to explore careers in math science and technology, HS/HT effectively links youth to a broad range of academic, career development and experiential resources and experiences that will enable youth with disabilities to successfully meet the workforce demands of the 21st century.

HS/HT was profiled in the June 20, 2005 issue of Education Daily. You can download a copy of the article, "Special education career program hailed as AYP booster," in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format.


Success Stories

Florida High School/High Tech (HS/HT)

The State of Florida recognizes that some students who are entitled to services while in school will be ineligible for adult services once they leave school. To prepare these students for a successful transition into the workforce or to pursue higher education, HS/HT provides extra guidance and support.

Oklahoma High School/High Tech (HS/HT)

The Governor's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities honored several Oklahoma High School students with disabilities for projects on technology careers. Oklahoma's Secretary of State Susan Savage served as keynote speaker for the event which awarded thousands of dollars in scholarships to the students on April 7, 2004 at the State Capitol.


Find or Start a Program Near You!

High School/High Tech (HS/HT) programs are partnering nationwide to expose young people with disabilities to a wide range of technology careers.

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