High School/High Tech Funding Bulletins

High School High Tech. Graphic is two figures with mortarboards & a computer screen.

All of the Funding Bulletins are listed below in reverse chronological order (from current to past) dating back to the year 2000.


2003-10 Funding Bulletin
Summary of 2001-2002 High School/High Tech annual data collection. E-blasts from Sept.: Next Generation grants, John S. & James L. Knight Found., Public Welfare Found., RFK Fellows; DOL grants supporting employment of people with disabilities

2003-09 Funding Bulletin
Leadership. Funding: Starbucks, Jen-Weld, Braitmeyer, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Christopher Reeve; Sites: DO-IT, Seattle, WA, State of Connecticut; Industry: Microsoft; Connecting with YLF; E-blasts sent in August

2003-08 Funding Bulletin
Planning for Coming Year; Funding Sources: Pittsburgh Foundation, Teleflex Foundation, Bank of America Foundation, Gannett Foundation, Daimler-Chrysler Corporation Fund; Sites: Lexington, KY, State of Minnesota; E-blasts from July

2003-07 Funding Bulletin
Mentors; Site Spotlight on Screen Actors Guid (Los Angeles, CA); Industry Connections: Disability Mentoring Day; E-blasts from June.

2003-06 Funding Bulletin
Increasing Opportunity for Girls in HS/HT; Funding: The Network of Womens Foundations; Site: Chicago Public Schools; Industry: Womens Recruitment Project

2003-05 Funding Bulletin
Assistive Technology; Unsolicited Proposals; Site: TransAccess; Sources of AT information; Industry: RBC Financial.

2003-04 Funding Bulletin
Work-based experiences; Site Spotlight on WRC (Cincinnati,OH); Industry Connections: Lansing Chamber of Commerce; Technology and Disabilities conference presentation and E-blasts from March.

2003-03 Funding Bulletin
Funding for Leadership and Youth Development; Site Spotlight: CHAC (Sarasota, FL); Industry Connections: Kemtah Group; Ad Hoc Data group and E-blasts for February.

2003-02 Funding Bulletin
Why Outcomes are Important in Securing Funding, Site Spotlight: UCP, Cleveland, OH, Disability Mentoring Day, Expanded Bulletin, Able-Disabled Advocacy wins NFI award, January Eblasts.

2003-01 Funding Bulletin
Funding Sources: Ge Fund, Corning Foundation, Boeing Education Relations; Site Spotlight: Citrus County, FL; Industry Connections: National Business & Disability Council; Emerging Leaders Summer Internships


2002-12 Funding Bulletin
Topics: Letter from Jennifer Kemp, Youth Council Network Resources, Disability Funders Network, Marriott Foundation,

2002-11 Funding Bulletin
Topics: HS/HT Regional Meetings, Private Funding Sources: School Technology, Dept. of Education Resources /Programs, Grantmaker Perspective: Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation.

2002-10 Funding Bulletin
Topics: New HS/HT website homepage and listserv, scholarships vs. financial aid, internet resources, Stanley E. Jackson Scholarship Award, Foundation for Science and Disability, Anne Ford Scholarship Program, student scholarship success.

2002-09 Funding Bulletin
Topics: National Disability Mentoring Day, Awards for Disability Community Leaders, Texaco Foundation, Pfizer Foundation, Toyota USA Foundation, ExxonMobil Contributions, GE Fund, Sifting Through Federal Government Offices

2002-08 Funding Bulletin
Topics: American Honda Foundation, Dow Chemical Company Foundation, Lucent Technologies Foundation, Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Foundation, Inc., Toshiba America Foundation,Building Grant Proposals: WIA-Assisted Youth Program Information

2002-07 Funding Bulletin
Public Grants News, Entry Point 2003 Internships, Morgan Stanley Foundation, The Allstate Foundation, Public Welfare Foundation, Roy A. Hunt Foundation, Local Community Foundations,Newsletter Networking, Newsletters in Action

2002-06 Funding Bulletin
Topics: Disability Mentoring Day, First Union Foundation, AT&T, General Mills Foundation, William T. Grant Foundation, Hitachi Foundation, Qwest Foundation, Trends in Private Giving, Collaboration is Key in Philadelphia

2002-05 Funding Bulletin
Topics: Edward E. Ford Foundation, Intel Foundation, Bechtel Foundation, Motorola Foundation, AOL Time Warner Foundation,

2002-04 Funding Bulletin
Topics: National Youth Service Day, Quark Announces New Foundation,

2002-03 Funding Bulletin
Topics: Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation, Ethel Louise Armstrong Foundation, Helen Brach Foundation, Otto Bremer Foundation, Abell-Hanger Foundation, F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc.

2002-02 Funding Bulletin
Topics: Handspring Foundation, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Best Buy Children's Foundation, Adobe, Ben & Jerry's Foundation,

2002-01 Funding Bulletin
Topics: Grant announcements related to Education, Orientation to Grantseeking, Research Profile, Proposal Checklist, Reasons Proposals are Declined, F.A.S.T. and the NBDL Huntsville Flight.


2001-12 Funding Bulletin
Topics: Private funders interested in assistive technology, Approaching Corporations, Employment and Training Administration: Grants, Funding Database Overview.

2001-09 Funding Bulletin
Topics: Fundraising after Sept. 11, Resource Web Sites, National Christina Foundation, Disability Mentoring Day, AutoDesk Virtual Internship Site, Various Corporate Foundations, U.S. DOL IT Initiative

2001-08 Funding Bulletin
Topics: Community Development Block Grants, Georgia-Pacific Foundation, Cargill Community Relations, Mead Corp. Foundation, Bechtel Foundation, Information Technology and Disabilities, International Association of IT Trainers

2001-07 Funding Bulletin
Topics: Wells Fargo, Pentair Foundation, Lucent Technologies, Finding Small Foundations, AmericaConnects Consortium Resources, Linking up with Regional IT Associations, Merrill Lynch

2001-06 Funding Bulletin
Topics: OSERS Funding Outlook, AT&T Giving, Mervyns, Ford Foundation, Report on High Tech Donors

2001-04 Funding Bulletin
Topics: AmEx, Best Buy Foundation, Community Technology Centers, Regional Funding Leads, Foundation Center Resources, Funding Sources

2001-03 Funding Bulletin
Topics: OSEP Grants--

2001-02 Funding Bulletin
Topics: Corporate Giving, Boeing

2001-01 Funding Bulletin
Topics: Federal Grants, Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance, National Science Foundation.


2000-12 Funding Bulletin
Topics: Top 50 Corporate Philanthropists, Foundation Overview, Non-Profit Guides (grant writing support on the internet), Dow Chemical Company

2000-11 Funding Bulletin
Topics: U.S. Dept. of Education Grants Forcast, Proposal Writing Tips, Bechtel Foundation

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