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A female youth works with a mental health professional.

Competency Area 3: Assessment and Individualized Planning

This competency area focuses on the knowledge, skills, and abilities that youth service professionals need to conduct assessments, use assessment results, and develop individualized plans with youth, including youth with disabilities. Click on individual competencies listed below for learning objectives, professional development activities, and resources for that specific competency or scroll down to read them all. Note: The letter “D” indicates a competency specific to youth with disabilities.

3.1 Ability to facilitate person-centered planning, including the ability to assess goals, interests, past experience, learning styles, academic skills, assets, independent living skills, and needs (e.g. transportation, etc.)
3.2 Ability to involve youth in their own planning process by helping youth to set realistic goals and action steps, make informed choices, exercise self-determination, and actively participate in own development (includes financial/benefits planning and educational requirements)
3.3 Knowledge of various assessment tools and strategies and ability to administer assessments (or make referrals, as needed)
3.4 Ability to track progress and change plans as needed
3.5D Ability to ensure appropriate assessment of young peoples’ disabilities (in-house or through referrals, as necessary)
3.6D Understanding how to use information from assessments and records and recognize implications for education and employment, including any potential need for accommodations and assistive technology
3.7D Ability to assess independent/community living skills and needs, including accommodations and supports
3.8D Understanding of benefits planning, includes Social Security income and health benefits and their relation to working



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