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A male teenage youth and his parents.

Competency Area 4: Relationship to Family and Community

This competency area focuses on the knowledge, skills, and abilities that youth service professionals need to successfully develop relationships with family members and other significant persons in young people’s lives as well as to connect youth with supports and opportunities in the community.

Click on individual competencies listed below for learning objectives, professional development activities, and resources for that specific competency or scroll down to read them all. Note: The letter “D” indicates a competency specific to youth with disabilities.

4.1 Ability to engage and build relationships with family members or other significant persons
4.2 Ability to connect youth to community institutions, resources, and supportive adults including mentors and role models
4.3 Ability to engage youth in community service and leadership activities
4.4 Ability to involve families, guardians, and advocates (when appropriate), including connections to disability-specific resources and groups
4.5.D Knowledge of family advocacy, support and community resources, including disability-specific resources and organizations
4.6.D Ability to match youth with disabilities with appropriate mentors and role models with and without disabilities


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