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A variety of young people prepared to work a variety of jobs.

Competency Area 5: Workforce Preparation

This competency area focuses on the knowledge, skills, and abilities that youth service professionals need to prepare youth, including youth with disabilities, to enter the workforce from job readiness skills development to job search and interviewing to job placement and retention. Click on individual competencies listed below for learning objectives, professional development activities, and resources for that specific competency or scroll down to read them all. Note: The letter “D” indicates a competency specific to youth with disabilities.

5.1 Ability to facilitate job readiness skill-building and assess employability strengths/barriers
5.2 Ability to teach job search skills, including use of technology and the Internet
5.3 Ability to coach youth, assist in job maintenance, and provide follow-up support
5.4 Ability to match youth with appropriate jobs and careers, including job analysis and skills standards
5.5 Ability to involve employers in preparation process
5.6D Ability to conduct job analysis, matching, customizing, and carving for youth with disabilities, including accommodations, supports, and modifications
5.7D Knowledge of support required to place youth in jobs, including what employers need to know about reasonable accommodations, undue burden, assistive technology, funding streams, and tax incentives

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