YSP/KSA Training Module 2 – Communication with Youth: The Helping Relationship

About the Module 2 Training

module coverThrough YSP/KSA Training Module 2, Communication with Youth: The Helping Relationship, youth service professionals will:
  • Learn skills for effectively communicating with youth;
  • Learn how to recruit, engage, and advocate for youth;
  • Develop awareness of diversity, disability, and youth culture;
  • Learn about the issues and trends affecting youth;
  • Explore the interplay of family, culture, values, and disability;
  • Learn how to identify each youth’s purpose and motivation;
  • Develop awareness of indicators of various barriers and/or crisis; and
  • Learn skills for coaching and strengthening youth voice.

See an example handout from this module, "The Five P's of Advocating for, Motivating, Recruiting, & Engaging Young People."

Interested in this training?

To request training in Module 2 or for information about how to order copies of this Module (Currently available to approved trainers only), contact NCWD/Youth at Ph. 202-822-8405 or email: ksa@ncwd-youth.info.

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KSA Assessments & Online Study Guide


Prior to any training, it is helpful to assess one's own professional competencies or for an organization to assess the competencies of its staff to identify which competencies need development or improvement. In addition, organizations and systems must be sure they have the structure in place to effectively support and integrate professional development into their daily operations.

NCWD/Youth provides two free assessment tools:

Self Study

In addition to the YSP/KSA Modules Training, NCWD/Youth has developed the KSA Online Study Guide with self study learning activities and a wealth of resources for developing youth service professionals' competencies. 

Go to Competency Area 2: Communication with Youth within the KSA Online Study Guide to find learning activites and resources for developing the same competencies that are covered in the Module 2 training.

For Training Participants

If you completed the Module 2 YSP/KSA Training, please complete the Training Feedback Evaluation online. Click here to open the evaluation.

Your feedback about the training contents, delivery, and materials is very important to helping us improve this training.

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