Intersection 2005

Issue 11 volume 2, No. 11, December 20, 2005.

New publications are posted online including the complete Guideposts for Success and two Info Briefs. The National Alliance for Secondary Education and Transition (NASET) launches its new website. Youth Service America and Disney are offering the Disney Minnie Grants.

Issue 10 volume 2, No. 10, November 2, 2005.

The research supporting NCWD/Youth's "Guideposts for Success" is posted online. ODEP releases several new or updated fact sheets with information relevant to persons with disabilities. Minnesota launches Project C3, a website with the purpose of helping transitioning youth become employed or continue their education. The Disability Funders Network (DFN) announces a Rapid Response Fund for people with disabilities in the U.S. gulf region.

Issue 9 volume 2, No. 9, July 26, 2005.

NCWD/Youth announces Pro-Bank, an online database of promising programs and practices in the workforce development system that effectively addresses the needs of youth with disabilities. Learn more about what Pro-Bank offers, its featured programs, and how to nominate a program for inclusion in Pro-Bank.

Issue 8 volume 2, No. 8, July 18, 2005.

NCWD/Youth introduces a Technical Assistance Tools section of the website. Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Council for Exceptional Children updates it side-by-side summary of the current and proposed IDEA regulations. The organization Do Something announces a call for applications for Fall 2005 grants.

Issue 7 volume 2, No. 7, June 28, 2005.

NCWD/Youth launches Pub-Bank, a new resources section of its website showcasing important articles, reports, and other documents related to workforce development and youth with disabilities. Disability Mentoring Day 2005 will take place October 19th. A workbook designed for youths, "The 411 on Disability Disclosure."

Issue 6 volume 2, No. 6, May 19, 2005.

NCWD/Youth releases a workbook entitled, "The 411 on Disability Disclosure." The national High School/High Tech conference will be held June 8-9, 2005 in Washington, D.C.. NCWD/Youth staff presentations are made available online. The National Conference of State Legislatures holds a webcast, "Youth with Disabilities: The State of Transition." is launched.

Issue 5 volume 2, No. 5, April 21, 2005.

Audio conference on youth with disabilities will be held by NCSL on April 27. Quick Reference Guides available from NCWD/Youth. Public Hearings on IDEA continue. Department of Education announces changes to NCLB and conference on Transition. National Council on Disability launches list-serv on issues affecting people with disabilities.

Issue 4 volume 2, No. 4, April 5, 2005.

There are three new Information Briefs from NCWD/Youth: 1) The Right Connections: Navigating the Workforce Development System, 2) New Departments Address Disability Issues, and 3) Breaking Down Technological Barriers brief. NCSET has a new Handbook for Implementing a Comprehensive Work-Based Learning Program. Also, the Government Accountability Office issues a report on employers' use of One-stops.

Issue 3 volume 2, No. 3, March 22, 2005.

NCWD/Youth has a new series of Quick Reference Guides that provide resources on critical topics for administrators, youth service practitioners, and policymakers. Also, a new NCWD/Youth InfoBrief titled Youth Development and Leadership in Programs, describes how administrators and policymakers can use these concepts in developing and administering programs that serve all youth. Congress takes action on legislation reauthorizing and changing the Carl Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act of 1998. New national suicide prevention lifeline available. The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) announces conference, Empowering Employers to Build an Inclusive Workforce.

Issue 2 volume 2, No. 2, March 9, 2005.

The new 109th Congress has begun work on the reauthorization of a number of key workforce and education pieces of legislation, including the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). The Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services announced a new round of applications for the Projects with Industry program. Call for 2005 New Freedom Initiative Award Nominations.

Issue 1 volume 2, No. 1, January 12, 2005.

Learn about working with people with disabilities using NCWD/Youth's Disability Basics. Department of Education seeks comments on IDEA. Individuals with disabilities are not benefiting from WIA services according to a new GAO report.

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