Publications by Type


This is a short written piece suitable for inclusion in a larger publication such as a newsletter, magazine, or newspaper.


Looking for a summary? Info Briefs describe policy, practice, or research on critical issues and challenges facing the workforce development system in serving youth. Research Briefs consolidate references to key published resources on a given area of focus.

Fact Sheets

These documents provide a brief overview of a topic or practice including basic information about "the who, what, when, where, why and how." The fact sheet is an at-a-glance tool that the individual can use to quickly learn about the topic or practice.


These in-depth how-to documents serve as convenient references. Subjects include: how to design an in-school-after-school-program; how to assess individuals; how to serve a specific populations such as individuals with psychiatric disabilities; how to build and sustain partnerships among an array of state and local agencies; how to finance transition services for youth; and how to design universally accessible facilities and programs.

Jump Starts

Throughout the year the experts at NCWD/Youth take an in-depth look at a different topic concerning employment and youth with disabilities. We will provide an introduction to each topic with research, references, & resources. Our experts will then delve into answers to key questions for each of our five audiences.

Quick Reference Guides

NCWD/Youth is offering a series of Quick Reference Guides that provides resources on critical topics for administrators, youth service practitioners, and policymakers. Each Guide offers succinct descriptions of a topic with resources that have been identified by experts at NCWD/Youth.

Short Cuts

These documents summarize key information from longer pieces completed by the NCWD/Youth.

White Papers

White Papers include a synthesis of research on policy, programs, and practices. Definitions and references are included. Topics are wide ranging moving from youth development and leadership to universal design strategies to how to organize workforce development programs to better serve employers.

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