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Reports relay information from research studies, demonstration projects, events, and other activities.

Male coworkers with safety goggles by shelves of colored inks in print shop

Youth Service Professionals’ Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Professional Development Demonstration and Evaluation Project

May 25, 2018 Publication

This evaluation report describes the findings from a multi-year evaluation of the Youth Service Professionals’ …

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A college student in a wheelchair studies with his classmate in his school's library.

Use of Individualized Learning Plans: A Promising Practice for Driving College and Career Efforts

Mar 08, 2018 Publication

This report summarizes the findings of a five-year research study commissioned by the U.S. Department …

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Diverse group of friends smiling together

Foster Youth Demonstration Project

Nov 07, 2016 Publication

This resource is a final report on a 2008 evaluation study of a group of demonstration projects focused on foster care transition.

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Education Alignment & Accountability in an Era of Convergence: Policy Insights from States with Individual Learning Plans & Policies

Nov 10, 2011 Publication

In response to the rising demand for market-responsive education reform across the U.S.,
since 1998 …

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Silhouettes of active youth inside vibrantly colored rectangles

Blazing the Trail: A New Direction for Youth Development and Leadership: Youth Call-to-Action

Apr 01, 2010 Publication

This is a Call-to-Action outlining ten actions youth can take to enhance their development and become leaders in their community and the nation.

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An adult youth service professional interacts with a young person.

Improving Transition Outcomes of Youth with Disabilities by Increasing Access to Apprenticeship Opportunities

This white paper provides an overview of the apprenticeship system in the United States, explores …

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