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A man experiences workplace bullying with two hostile co-workers in the background.

Bullying and Disability Harassment in the Workplace: What Youth Should Know

Sep 26, 2011 Publication

This InfoBrief helps youth recognize signs of bullying in the workplace and understand how bullying differs from disability harassment.

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Male youth looks through binoculars

Using Career Interest Inventories to Inform Career Planning

This is a brief that explores strategies of promising and exemplary programs serving youth with disabilities to conduct career interest inventories with youth, as well as additional resources.

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A male teenage youth and his parents.

Tapping into the Power of Families: How Families of Youth with Disabilities Can Assist in Job Search and Retention

Apr 04, 2011 Publication

This InfoBrief explores the important role families and other caring adults play in the career planning, job search, and job retention of youth with disabilities.

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A male high school student in the school computer lab.

Charting the Course: Supporting the Career Development of Youth with Learning Disabilities

Nov 08, 2010 Publication

Guide to improving services and outcomes for youth ages 14 to 25 with learning disabilities, including resources and tools for professionals working directly with youth.

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Diverse group of high school students in class

Hidden Disabilities

Jul 06, 2010 Publication

Guide providing an overview of how to identify and screen for hidden disabilities, connect to formal diagnosis, provide appropriate accommodations, and identify support services.

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Business meeting to blend and braid funding streams to support program sustainability and success. Also, charts and colorful stickie notes.

Performance Data and Youth with Disabilities (Workforce Investment Act)

Aug 06, 2009 Publication
Fact Sheets

2007 analysis of WIB performance data focusing on how youth with disabilities were being served in the U.S. workforce development system.

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