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A male youth works with his mental health counselor

Supporting Transition to Adulthood Among Youth with Mental Health Needs: Action Steps for Policymakers

September 15, 2009 Publication

While the transition from adolescence to adulthood is challenging for all young people, it can be especially difficult for youth with mental health needs who often face unemployment, underemployment, and discrimination when they enter the workforce. Providing appropriate services and supports to young people with mental health needs throughout the critical transition years increases their chances of becoming self-sufficient adults and reduces long-term dependency on public systems and other negative consequences such as social isolation and suicide; however, due to the lack of coordination between public systems, young people with mental health needs find it difficult to locate and qualify for services tailored to their specific needs.

 This Policy Brief calls attention to the challenges faced by youth and young adults with mental health needs during their transition to adulthood and provides information to help policymakers at the state and local level develop and improve service delivery systems for this population.

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