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In this model, youth are served by a program designed, run, evaluated, and driven by adults. Youth participate in the services, but the opinions of youth are rarely if ever solicited. These are often well-established programs with a set organizational structure and programs that have been running the same way (and with some success) for years. The program structure exists as a solid core that is not penetrated by the values, opinions, creativity, and talent of the youth that participate from year to year. The model is very paternalistic in the sense that youth are “taken care of” by the program and may not be seen as capable of providing meaningful direction to the programs that serve them. These models may often have recruitment and retention problems, because adults may not understand how to make the program attractive to today’s youth. While these models can have positive outcomes in terms of employment and work related skill building, they do little to truly support the leadership potential or the full development of the participating youth. They also miss out on many creative program developments that often come from having youth more engaged in the program itself.

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