This model may or may not be actually run by youth. When adults run these models, the voice of youth is so strong that it is often the dominant force over the influence of adults. For example, in the adult run versions of this model, adults may go along with something that they are not sure would work because the young people make a strong enough case to justify the risk. In this model, there are frequent structured opportunities for youth to evaluate the program through survey-type evaluations, focus groups, peer-to-peer interviews and other formats. Youth are frequently not only hired as staff, but become supervisors and managers. Youth are involved in the hiring and evaluation of peer and adult staff. Youth representatives can be found on the board, involved in fund raising, and serving on committees. There are many aspects of the program that can be identified as having been shaped by youth. There is a formal leadership development process using adult and peer mentors designed to create young leaders within the program and community. Strategic planning is conducted with the full involvement of youth. Economic development through youth self-employment and business creation is valued. The youth involved in this program model experience a culture that promotes and demonstrates a high degree of youth ownership of the program.

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