Terms in Acronyms » Y


  • YC
    Youth Council
  • YCC
    Youth Cultural Competence
  • YD
    Youth Development
  • YD&L
    Youth Development and Leadership
  • YDPA
    Youth Development Practitioner Apprenticeship
  • YDRF
    Youth Development Research Fund
  • YIC
    Youth Information Center
  • YL
    Youth Leadership
  • YLF
    Youth Leadership Forum
  • YO
    Youth Opportunity Grants
  • YSA
    Youth Service America
  • YSP
    Youth Service Professional
  • YWD
    Youth with a Disability
  • YWLD
    Youth with a Learning Disability
    Youth with a Mental Health Need
  • YWSD
    Youth with a Significant Disability

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