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  • Fair Test
    A test that is free from bias and conforms to recognized test administration standards and ethics.
  • Family Supports & Services
    Refers to access to: information through neutral intermediary organizations to assist in understanding causes and implications for daily living of the disability of the child; information and training about effective practices and options for their child's education and transition into post-school life such as individualized education transition plans, and navigating the adult service delivery system(s); information and training about the implications of disability-centered legislation such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, medical services and insurance, income support, education and training; and support networks that promote asset-based strategies for both youth and family members.
  • Family involvement
    The support for the social, emotional, physical, academic, and occupational growth of youth that is provided by parents and/or other family, either independently or in collaboration with professionals.
  • Followership
    The ability or willingness to follow a leader.
  • Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)
    The services to which every person ages three to 21 who is receiving special education services is entitled during their years in school.
  • Functional Job Analysis
    Trained analysts investigate the interactions among work, workers, and work organization through a multi-dimensional information collection process. FJA is used extensively throughout industry in managerial, professional and craft situations to classify jobs, generate work sample tests and to develop performance standards for work.
  • Functional-Behavioral Assessment
    An approach that incorporates a variety of techniques and strategies to determine the causes of problem behaviors and identify interventions needed to address them.
  • Functional-Life Skills
    Basic skills in the context of real world situations; the variety of skills that are frequently demanded in domestic, vocational, and community environments.

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