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  • Validity
    The extent to which a test measures what its authors or users claim it measures; specifically, test validity concerns the appropriateness of the inferences that can be made on the basis of test results.
  • Visible Disabilities
    Disabilities that are more apparent to someone else because of exterior appearance.
  • Vision
    The ability to see beyond current conditions to future possibilities and to create actions to make those possibilities into realities.
  • Visual Perceptual/Visual Motor Deficits
    These manifest themselves in individuals who exhibit problems in the discrimination, analysis, and synthesis of visual form and spatial relations. Their vision is intact but comprehension of written words or symbols is impaired. An individual with deficits in visual-motor skills has difficulty with the integration of visual information and motor output necessary for gross motor skills such as handwriting and drawing. Their vision and the function of their muscles are fine, but the coordination of body movements during certain activities is impaired (Miller & Sammons, 1999).
  • Visual Processing Disorder
    Refers to a hindered ability to make sense of information taken in through the eyes. This is different from problems involving sight or sharpness of vision. Difficulties with visual processing affect how visual information is interpreted or processed by the brain.
  • Vocational Aptitudes and Skills Assessments
    Activities used in schools and workforce preparation programs to measure or determine an individual's ability or potential to learn or perform in order to hold specific jobs or to train for specific careers.
  • Vocational Education and Training
    See Career and Technical Education.
  • Vocational Interest Assessments
    Activities used in schools and workforce preparation programs to match an individual's interests, goals, and values to available employment, training, or post-secondary education programs.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation (VR)
    The process of assisting individuals with disabilities to obtain, regain, maintain, and advance in employment through diverse services tailored to meet the needs of eligible individuals. Each state has a public VR agency.

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