Technical Assistance Tools

NCWD/Youth partners have developed sets of technical assistance tools to offer guidance in the design and implementation of programs in the field of workforce disability and youth. These documents are offered in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF file formats; read Acrobat help below for assistance with PDF files.

Building, Developing, and Going to Scale: Grant Funded Programs for Youth in Transition

These six modules were originally developed as technical assistance tools for the state agency networks who are participating in an innovative, grant funded project under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Labor Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP). In creating this project, ODEP understood that the success of the project was contingent upon grants which provided the sites with flexible dollars and high quality technical assistance. The flexible grant have allowed the sites to create a laboratory environment for the project, as they attempt to "build a system" of support for youth with disabilities. The technical assistance has provided the sites with the opportunity to build their current local capacity, and at the same time, develop the project, take it to scale and eventually sustain the model.

The modules emerged from a combination of established practices in the realm of human systems and educational reform, successful business models, and the voices of the ODEP grantees who have had insightful questions and comments about their work thus far. The sum total of this input has led to the composite of best thinking for the grantees and all of their partners. The documents contain an inventory of practical questions that have been asked and answered all over the country, in a variety of settings. Thus, even though their original purpose was to support the efforts of the ODEP grantees, it has become clear that the practical value of the modules can be extended to the entire workforce system, other state agencies working with youth in transition, policy makers and any public or private funder that is willing to provide the resources for innovative, collaborative youth development efforts. The modules are not meant to provide a step-by-step approach, nor should they imply any. Instead, they do offer a straightforward overview of the complex and deliberate tasks associated with our responsibility to improve the well-being of youth with disabilities.

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