Mentoring is recognized as one of the most important strategies for assisting youth in making a positive transition to adulthood. Both caring adults and peers may play a key role in mentoring. Despite all of the information available on mentoring, there is very little about mentoring youth with disabilities or about career-focused mentoring of older youth. The following information provides you with the knowledge of how to create your own mentoring programs and how you can use mentoring to facilitate positive transition outcomes for youth with disabilities.

Career Exploration in Action: An Innovative Strategies Practice Brief

This Innovative Strategies Practice Brief provides practical examples and resources used by promising and exemplary youth programs to engage youth in career exploration. The youth programs and school systems featured in this brief have been recognized by NCWD/Youth as Innovative Strategies.

Paving the Way to Work: A Guide to Career-Focused Mentoring

This guide is intended for individuals designing mentoring programs for youth, including youth with disabilities, in the transition phase to adulthood.

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