Fact Sheet

These documents provide a brief overview of a topic or practice including basic information about “the who, what, when, where, why and how.” The fact sheet is an at-a-glance tool that the individual can use to quickly learn about the topic or practice.

Individualized Learning Plans Fact Sheet

An individualized learning plan is both a document and a process that students use – with support from school counselors, teachers, and
parents – to define their career goals and post-secondary plans in order to inform the student’s decisions about their courses and activities throughout high school. Many states have adopted policies that require all middle and/or high school students to develop and maintain an individualized learning plan in order to make schools more personalized and improve student outcomes.

YouthACT Team Profiles

Introduction to the YouthACT Team Profiles

The Youth Action Council on Transition (YouthACT) is a national initiative to get more youth with disabilities and their allies involved as leaders who partner with adults and organizations to improve opportunities for youth to succeed in life. “Transition” is the process and period of change that youth go through to become adults. Transition typically occurs between ages 12 and 25.

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