Quick Reference Guides

NCWD/Youth is offering a series of Quick Reference Guides that provides resources on critical topics for administrators, youth service practitioners, and policymakers. Each Guide offers succinct descriptions of a topic with resources that have been identified by experts at NCWD/Youth.

Assessment Quick Reference Guide

The guide gives an overview of the process of collecting information that can be used in decision-making, career-planning, and service plan development for a young person.

Benefits Planning for Youths with Disabilities

The guide helps those assisting youth with disabilities navigate the range of state and federal government programs and benefits for people with disabilities in the United States.

Hidden Disabilities Quick Reference Guide

The guide provides a basic understanding of how to identify and screen for hidden disabilities; connect to formal diagnosis; provide appropriate accommodations; and identify support services.

Universal Access Quick Reference Guide

The guide assists those developing a program, service, or activity to make them accessible to youth and adults with disabilities.

Working with Employers - Workplace Success Quick Reference Guide

The guide describes how to create successful work-based experiences for youth and their employers that foster adult employment success for all youth, particularly for those with disabilities.

Youth Development and Leadership Quick Reference Guide

The guide explains youth development and leadership components and how they lead to more effective workforce development programs.

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