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Career Development

NCWD/Youth knows that all youth, including youth with disabilities require a set of skills in order to become employed, effectively change jobs, and plan and manage multiple careers throughout their lifetimes. These skills are developed through the three phase process of career development. The three phase of career development include:

Phase 1: Self-Exploration Skills: Self-exploration is a crucial first step in the career development process because it allows youth to discover who they are and what they like to do.

Phase 2: Career Exploration Skills: Developing career exploration skills consists of learning how to identify and analyze various career options in terms of what education, training, experience, and competencies are required for success.

Phase 3: Career Planning and Management Skills: Career planning and management involves developing employability and decision-making skills and increasing the youth’s capacity to navigate within the world of work, not just in the short term but also throughout their lives.


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