A variety of young people prepared to work a variety of jobs.

Workforce Development

NCWD/Youth aims to strengthen the capacity of the workforce development system to provide quality services to all youth, including youth with disabilities. NCWD/Youth also helps youth, families, and the professionals working with youth learn how to navigate the workforce development system.

The workforce development system includes national, state, and local organizations that plan, fund, oversee, and operate programs helping individuals and employers obtain education, training, job placement, and job recruitment. Included in this broad network are several federal agencies charged with providing specific education and/or training support. At the state and local levels the network includes state and local workforce investment boards, state and local career and technical education and adult education agencies, vocational rehabilitation agencies, recognized apprenticeship programs, state employment and unemployment services agencies, state and local welfare agencies, and/or sub-units of these entities.

To learn more about the workforce development system and how to help youth navigate the available services, read The Right Connections: Navigating the Workforce Development System.

Featured workforce development resources include:

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