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Looking for a summary? Info Briefs describe policy, practice, or research on critical issues and challenges facing the workforce development system in serving youth. Research Briefs consolidate references to key published resources on a given area of focus.

A person with a visual impairment working on computer with assistive technology; braille display and screen reader.

Breaking Down Technological Barriers

Mar 26, 2005 Publication

This brief describes assistive technology and accessible information and provides information on federal and state accessibility laws, incentives, and requirements.

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Male youth looks through binoculars

The Right Connections: Navigating the Workforce Development System

Feb 01, 2005 Publication

A brief providing those who work with youth an overview of the workforce development system.

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happy volunteer group with food donation boxes

Youth Development and Leadership in Programs

Jan 16, 2005 Publication

Brief describing how youth development and leadership can be used in developing and implementing programming to serve all youth, including youth with disabilities.

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Business meeting to blend and braid funding streams to support program sustainability and success. Also, charts and colorful stickie notes.

Strategies for Youth Workforce Programs to Become Employer-Friendly Intermediaries

Jan 04, 2005 Publication

InfoBrief offering youth workforce programs with strategies for becoming employer-friendly intermediaries resulting in successful work experiences for youth.

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High school youth sit in a classroom

IDEA Revised: Special Education Law Enacted

Dec 27, 2004 Publication

Info Brief summarizing the major provisions of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004.

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VR Counselor Providing Advice

Disability Inquiries In The Workforce Development System

Oct 26, 2004 Publication

This InfoBrief is for youth and adult service providers who interact with youth with disabilities on the topic of what can and cannot be asked about someone’s disability.

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