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Looking for a summary? Info Briefs describe policy, practice, or research on critical issues and challenges facing the workforce development system in serving youth. Research Briefs consolidate references to key published resources on a given area of focus.

Transition’s Missing Link: Health Care Transition

Mar 07, 2018 Briefs

NCWD/Youth’s Guideposts for Success provide a framework for what all youth, including youth with chronic …

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Diverse group of friends smiling together

YouthACT Policy Brief – Our Lives in High School and Beyond

Feb 27, 2018 Publication

The Youth Action Council on Transition (YouthACT), a project of NCWD/Youth, has published two policy briefs written by youth for policymakers; Our Lives in High School and Beyond and it’s counterpart; Our Voices Matter in Our Communities.

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A teacher and a student conduct a science experiment at the front of a classroom while other students watch.

Designing Professional Development for Youth Workforce Development

Aug 11, 2017 Publication

This Info Brief from NCWD/Youth describes strategies and considerations for designing and delivering professional development for youth …

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VR Counselor Providing Advice

Supporting Student Success through Connecting Activities: An Info Brief Series for Community Colleges

Oct 24, 2016 Publication

Community college leaders are increasingly concerned with finding ways to better support and engage students …

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A young woman stands in front of a chalk board filled with mathematical calculations. She holds a calculator in one hand and cash in the other.

Taking Charge of Your Money: An Introduction to Financial Capability

Aug 31, 2016 Publication

This brief is a starting point for learning about and developing your financial capability so that you can make smart decisions about managing your money now and in the future. 

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Close-up image of a male youth holding up several $50 bills.

Developing Financial Capability Among Youth: How Families Can Help

Aug 04, 2016 Publication

InfoBrief providing suggestions and resources on how to talk with youth about money and assist them to learn and practice financial management skills.

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