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Diverse group of youth smiling outside

Guideposts for Success 2.0

Jul 30, 2019 Publication

“What do all youth need to make a successful transition to adulthood?” This is …

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A variety of young people prepared to work a variety of jobs.

Making the Right Turn: A Research Update on Evidence-Based and Promising Post-Exit Supports for Formerly Incarcerated Youth

May 01, 2019 Publication

This is the third research brief published by the National Collaborative on Workforce …

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A diverse group of college students sit outside on their campus' library steps

Dialogue Report: Policies for Increasing Employment Among Opportunity Youth with Disabilities

May 01, 2019 Reports

During a time of economic prosperity and historically low unemployment rates in the U.S., …

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Two women are smiling and looking at a laptop.

Guideposts for Success 2.0 Research Base Paper

Oct 01, 2018 Publication
White Papers

This paper was written in 2018 by NCWD/Youth to inform the development of the …

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Business meeting to blend and braid funding streams to support program sustainability and success. Also, charts and colorful stickie notes.

Professional Development Needs Among WIOA Youth Service Professionals

Aug 06, 2018 Publication

This InfoBrief spotlights what youth service professionals and administrators view as important topics for professional …

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