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Diverse group of youth smiling outside

Digging Deeper: The Five Areas of Youth Development/Leadership

Jun 11, 2009 Publication

This is a brief describing five areas of youth development and leadership.

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Male teen in wheelchair outdoors with adult woman.

Communicating With and About People with Disabilities

May 07, 2009 Publication
Fact Sheets

Individuals are sometimes concerned that they will say the wrong thing, so they say nothing at all—thus further segregating people with disabilities. Listed here are some suggestions on how to relate to and communicate with and about people with disabilities.

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A male youth works with his mental health counselor

Successful Transition Models for Youth with Mental Health Needs: A Guide for Workforce Professionals

May 04, 2009 Publication

InfoBrief presenting successful programs and strategies to help youth and young adults with mental health needs successfully transition to employment and independence.

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VR Counselor Providing Advice

Career-Focused Services for Students with Disabilities at Community Colleges

Mar 20, 2009 Publication
White Papers

This is a case study of community college efforts to meet local workforce needs of employers while promoting career opportunities for students, including those with disabilities.

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Business meeting to blend and braid funding streams to support program sustainability and success. Also, charts and colorful stickie notes.

Comprehensive Career Planning and Its Role in the Competitive Global Economy

Jan 04, 2009 Publication
White Papers

White paper chronicling gaps and inconsistencies in career guidance services for youth, as well as the lack of measures for career development and guidance services in America.

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Two female high school students use microscopes.

Mentoring: Strategies to Support Expansion of Diversity in the Workforce

Jan 01, 2009 Publication
White Papers

This white paper recommendations focus on private, non-profit, and public sector mentoring strategies that, when …

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