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Tunnel through rock cliffs

Tunnels and Cliffs: A Guide for Workforce Development Practitioners and Policymakers serving Youth with Mental Health Needs

May 15, 2008 Publication

This is a guide providing practical information and resources for youth service professionals and policymakers to help them improve service delivery systems for youth with mental health needs.

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a railway tunnel coming out of a mountain near a cliff.

Navigating Tunnels and Cliffs: Empowering Families and Caregivers to Assist Youth with Mental Health Needs in Preparing for Work

May 04, 2008 Publication

Short Cut providing information needed to prepare a young person with mental health needs for a career, including promising practices from the field and an action plan for success.

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A young woman in a red shirt and cap works in a retail environment.

Transitioning Youth with Mental Health Needs to Meaningful Employment and Independent Living

Apr 15, 2008 Publication

This resource includes case studies of the role of skills development, work, and career exploration in helping youth with mental illness transition to meaningful employment and independent living.

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A female youth works with a youth service professional in the workforce development system.

The KSA Study Guide

Jan 04, 2008 Publication

This is a professional development tool to help individuals, organizations, and systems build the competencies of youth service professionals.

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Silhouettes of active youth inside vibrantly colored rectangles

Blazing the Trail: A New Direction for Youth Development and Youth Leadership

Nov 16, 2007 Publication

A report detailing the dialog among youth with and without disabilities, policymakers, and leaders at the 2007 Blazing the Trail summit on youth development and leadership.

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Diverse group of friends smiling together

Road to Self-Sufficiency: A Guide to Entrepreneurship for Youth with Disabilities

Nov 04, 2007 Publication

Guide providing organizations working with youth and policymakers with an overview of entrepreneurship education and its importance to all youth, including youth with disabilities.

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