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Business meeting to blend and braid funding streams to support program sustainability and success. Also, charts and colorful stickie notes.

Organizational & Programmatic Components of Effective Youth Programs

This is a table describing organizational and programmatic components of effective youth programs.

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Close-up image of a male youth holding up several $50 bills.

Developing Financial Capability Among Youth: How Families Can Help

Aug 04, 2016 Publication

InfoBrief providing suggestions and resources on how to talk with youth about money and assist them to learn and practice financial management skills.

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A diverse group of five graduates

Personal Competencies for College & Career Success: What Colleges Can Do

Mar 02, 2016 Publication

Guide providing postsecondary professionals with strategies to assist students in developing personal competencies to increase student retention, completion, and career readiness.

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A college student in a wheelchair studies with his classmate in his school's library.

Hitting The Open Road After High School

Nov 10, 2015 Publication

Whether you’re still in high school or have transitioned out, you can use this publication to explore your options and the supports around you to make a plan for success!

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Four youth engage in a service learning project clearing trash out of their community.

Fostering Inclusive Volunteering and Service Learning

Apr 07, 2015 Publication

This guide on facilitating youth engagement in volunteer and service activities includes information on assisting youth to prepare for, access, and learn from their experiences.

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A diverse group of college students sit outside on their campus' library steps

Youth Development and Leadership: Opportunities to Develop Connecting Competencies

This is a brief providing practical examples of promising and exemplary youth programs offering youth development and leadership opportunities helping youth develop Connecting competencies.

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