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A man experiences workplace bullying with two hostile co-workers in the background.

Bullying and Disability Harassment in the Workplace: What Youth Should Know

September 26, 2011 Publication

Bullying affects many youth and has gained national attention due to highly publicized instances of school violence and teen suicides.  In fact, most youth have experienced bullying firsthand, either by being bullied themselves, or by witnessing a peer being bullied. Much is understood about the negative consequences of bullying at school, but youth should also be made aware that bullying does not end at school. It is often encountered at work as well.

This InfoBrief is designed to help youth, including youth with disabilities, recognize signs of bullying in the workplace, and to recognize how bullying differs from disability harassment. The brief offers examples of bullying situations at work and offers strategies to help address the issue

Download the PDF. 

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