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Young adult in a power wheel chair uses his computer at home.

Cyber Disclosure for Youth with Disabilities

July 7, 2010 Publication

This document is a supplement to The 411 on Disability Disclosure: A Workbook for Youth with Disabilities , which helps youth learn about disability disclosure and what it means for them. Since that workbook was developed in 2005 there have been many advances in technology that have changed what youth need to know about disability disclosure. Search sites like Google, social networking sites like Facebook, and micro-blogging sites like Twitter have added a new element to disclosure. Now it is possible to disclose your disability on the internet without even being aware of it. This can be as simple as a picture of you using a wheelchair, a comment on your friend’s blog about disability, or your profile posted on a disability organization’s website. This document provides activities, examples, and key lessons to help you get informed about making and managing your own disability disclosure online.

Download the PDF.

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