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A young man holding fifty-dollar bills

Financial Literacy Information For Young People With Disabilities

November 16, 2005 Publication

Research shows that low educational attainment, employment expectations and confusing governmental programs with conflicting eligibility criteria have resulted in many young people with disabilities not making successful transitions from school to postsecondary education, employment and independent living. While many would like to learn how to save money and build assets, they fear getting a job and saving a portion of their income may cause them to lose their disability benefits and other supports, such as health care. Complex rules in current federal and state programs often create disincentives for these youth to seek employment or increase earnings and assets. One major obstacle that contributes to this issue is the lack of money management knowledge and skills or financial literacy among this group.

This InfoBrief reviews federal and state initiatives to help people with disabilities to become more economically self-sufficient.

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