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Helping Youth with Learning Disabilities Chart the Course: A Guide for Youth Service Professionals

April 18, 2012 Publication

This InfoBrief describes challenges faced by youth and young adults with learning disabilities as they reach adulthood and highlights strategies youth service professionals can implement to help youth to transition successfully into the workplace. The brief is based on a rich body of research on transition-age youth with learning disabilities, including publications produced by (NCWD/Youth).

Youth with learning disabilities (LD) often do not do as well as their peers in traditional classrooms and in work and social settings. Adding to these challenges, these youth often experience social isolation and lowered self-expectations. Statistics show that individuals with LD have the highest school dropout incidence, face higher rates of unemployment, and are overrepresented in government-supported programs, such as vocational rehabilitation and corrections. For instance, students with LD are overrepresented in the juvenile justice system and account for 38.6 percent of students with disabilities in these settings.

This InfoBrief presents key strategies to help youth and young adults with LD successfully transition to employment and lead independent, productive lives. The accompanying resources serve as helpful tools to assist youth service professionals in carrying out these strategies.

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