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A male high school student in the school computer lab.

Individualized Learning Plans Fact Sheet

April 16, 2013 Publication
Fact Sheets

The Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) research studies by NCWD/Youth and its partners indicate that ILPs show promise as an effective strategy for delivering quality career development opportunities that improve several student outcomes. Students who were more engaged in ILP activities reported stronger goal setting skills, increased motivation to attend school, and increased academic self-efficacy which leads to better academic achievement, stress and health management, and readiness to engage in career decision-making. Teachers, school counselors, and family members highly value ILPs and believe that it helps students become more focused learners who complete more challenging coursework in order to reach their self-defined career and life goals.

The ILP Fact Sheet includes introductory information about ILPs, how they are used, and what NCWD/Youth’s research findings on the topic have shown.

Download the PDF.


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