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Stylized portrait of three youth with disabilities

Personal Assistance Services On The Job

September 16, 2003 Publication

Personal assistance services (PAS) help people with disabilities do tasks that someone could perform if he or she did not have a disability. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), some of these services allow employers to provide “reasonable accommodations” to help disabled employees achieve employment goals. Similar accommodations would include job-related services, such as reading, business-related travel, communication and similar tasks. Services for the personal benefit of the individual with a disability, such as help with eating, using the restroom, taking medicine or similar activities of daily living, generally are not considered reasonable accommodations. But not having extra help with these basic daily tasks at the workplace can create a significant barrier to employment for some people with disabilities.

This InfoBrief is for anyone who interacts with youth with disabilities and would like to know about the programs under the Workforce Investment Act of 1998. The brief provides background on those parts of the Workforce Investment Act that cover service to youth so that youth, families, and service providers can better connect to the workforce development system. It also provides examples of states that are seeking to expand public coverage of personal assistance services.

Download the PDF.

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