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A male youth studies at home.

Personalized Learning: Policy Insights from Four States

April 2, 2011 Publication

Student-centered innovations, such as policies and practices in support of individualized learning plans, are seen as central to raising student achievement and are more powerful than other innovations (including curriculum innovations designed to improve cognitive outcomes) in increasing student learning. This state-level policy analysis offers a glimpse of four states’ progress in implementing student-centered learning innovations. Each of the four states (Louisiana, New Mexico, South Carolina, and Washington) launched ILP initiatives with the over-riding purpose of redesigning high schools to address the rapidly emerging 21st century challenge of preparing youth for post-secondary education and employment.

The study explores the extent to which each state is leveraging federal and state resources to align its ILP initiatives with other policies aimed at fostering education innovation and economic recovery and makes recommendations for ways states could make intergovernmental investments to strengthen performance outcomes in education and workforce development.

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