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Male youth looks through binoculars

Plotting the Course for Success

December 9, 2008 Publication

In this document we talk about a mentor using the metaphor of plotting a course. Why this comparison? Because transition from youth to adulthood can be complicated and confusing—and it can be especially hard when you’re receiving information from a variety of different sources.

A mentor, like a map, can help guide you through the chaos and help you figure out what your goals and priorities need to be. Remember though, that a mentor is only one of many tools that you have. To utilize a mentor effectively, you may need to tap those other resources as well, to help strengthen your ability to make informed, choice-based decisions. Just as maps show you where you start and where you end up, a mentor can’t actually make decisions for you, but he or she can help you choose the best path for the journey you want to take. It’s also up to you to choose what to do with the information or guidance they give you. Sometimes you may not agree with the path a mentor will point to, and there’s nothing wrong with this. When this happens though, you may need to rethink what you’re trying to achieve and how you want to get there. A mentor can help guide you back to a bad decision and help you rethink what you were trying to do

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