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A group photo of diverse youth with disabilities and program staff at a training for the Youth Action Council on Transition YouthACT).

YouthACT Policy Brief – Our Voices Matter in Our Communities

February 27, 2018 Publication

The Youth Action Council on Transition (YouthACT), a project of NCWD/Youth, has published two policy briefs written by youth for policymakers: Our Voices Matter in Our Communities and it’s counterpart, Our Lives in High School and Beyond.

Too often, youth don’t have a voice when agencies and organizations are deciding what youth services and opportunities to offer. It is important for agencies and organizations to hear from youth about what they need and want during the transition years so they can provide the right opportunities, services, and supports. For this reason, YouthACT aims to increase positive youth-adult partnerships where young people and adults work together, share power, and support and learn from each other to build stronger communities.

In 2016, YouthACT participants moderated the YouthACT Transition Truths National Online Dialogue. Youth with disabilities ages 13–25 and allies of the disability community actively participated in this national online dialogue. Now YouthACT, have selected two priority areas that emerged from this conversation to share with the policymakers.

To learn more, download our YouthACT Policy Brief – Our Voices Matter in Our Communities.

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